Feb. 6th, 2017

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11:36pm: Well, the southerly change has come through and it's not really that hot anymore, but it was bad enough that even having reconnected my air-con's hose the Granny Flat was still unbearable. The problem was my air-con kept switching itself off giving at warning that it was overheating so I could only use the fan function. And with it being 35 degrees or more that just wasn't good enough - even though I went and bought the mini-desk fan to put on my bedside table (they were on special at Coles) I ended up sweating like Rafa Nadal on a tennis court! (Have I all ready used that analogy? Well, I'm gonna use it again) So I'm back here at the parental abode.

This is probably a good thing though because the interview is tomorrow and I need Mum's help to do my hair (that's a bit sad isn't it, LOL) although I've just remembered that I left my resume folder back at the Granny Flat along with my activity tracker (I took that off before taking my shower after I went to the gym), so I guess I'll have to stop by on my way to Mona Vale tomorrow.

Aside from that I haven't got much more to say, it was just a regular sort of day (that time o' the month has appeared - which means I won't have to worry about it on the cruise which is very good news) except for the heat factor. Man...anyone denying climate change has to be an idiot, which some people clearly are, especially one I had the misfortune of seeing on Four Corners tonight, which my mother watched when she got home. Lucky for me I'd brought over one of my Air Crash Investigation DVDs and was able to watch that instead, because ew.

Right, it's almost midnight and I gotta haul, I still need to finish my Russian!

For now, goodnight!










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