Feb. 4th, 2017

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11:48pm: My air-con is letting me down again, which really sucks, because it's the only thing I've got in here...I really should have got that bedside table fan, because I'm sweating and feeling thirsty and generally uncomfortable. Plus I can hardly concentrate on this entry!

I'll make it brief, work went well although it ended up getting very busy and then the printer decided not to work, or rather the computer's wouldn't communicate with it properly, which was a problem last weekend which I thought they fixed. Grumble, grumble, well at least the tech person will be in tomorrow, so fingers crossed she can solve it.

Also people were very slow to get out at closing time, good thing I'd set my recorder to record the skating on SBS! However, I didn't hurry home to watch it, instead I took my pyschiatrist's advice and headed for Macquarie and ice skating. Or rather to the Skater's Network, which is where I get my skates sharpened. As it happened, my skates did not need to be sharpened, which rather sucked because it was quite a drive! I ended up buying some new laces for my skates to make it worth my while.

Then it was back to Macquarie to buy new towels for Mrs S (somehow some bleach got on the one's she had, from me...but I have no idea how, because it seems amazing I managed not to get any bleach on myself, a minor miracle in fact!) and then skating time!

I discovered something quite interesting...it would appear that I'm a clockwise spinner, that is I find it far more natural to move in that direction. However most skaters are anti-clockwise spinners, so that's pretty hilarious. Typical me, I'm sure. :OP

Not that I can spin a lot, of course, but I can do one revolution, which is how I figured this out...and it sure does explain why I couldn't figure out to do the turning to change direction thing. Although...I'm sure I remember learning to do it both ways?

Ah well, anyway, very interesting!

And now, it's almost midnight so I gotta go, bed calls.










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