Feb. 3rd, 2017

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11:47pm: I refer to the Spit Bridge, which opens a few times per day to let boats go through from one part of the harbour to the other. Thing is, I'd forgot what time it opens and it turned out that 11:15am was one of them, which meant...I got stuck waiting as I tried to get to the pyschiatrist's office for the 11:30 appointment.

Suffice to say I was late, booo, which kind of put an end to thoughts of catching the last of the lunchtime ice skating session.

Speaking of ice skating, I got a reply from the cruise line, who told me they did not recommend taking my own skates on board because blades longer that four inches are not allowed on board. I mentioned this to my pyschiatrist, who encouraged me to write back mentioning how even though there's complimentary hire skates available, if you've got your own pair its much easier to use them and the email didn't straight out say it was forbidden only not recommended. He spoke about the need for assertiveness, and I have to admit I am rather a push-over, which makes me wonder...maybe that's why I'm not getting jobs, I'm not expressing enough confidence.

Speaking of jobs though...I got an unexpected phone call today, they're doing interviews for the Inter-Library Loan Officer's position and I have an interview next Tuesday! How exciting! Fingers and toes crossed everyone!

I also had to make an unexpected trip to the doctor because my referral for the psychiatrist had ended, and without one I don't get any money back from Medicare, that was a bit of a pain but I did make some purchases including a purple shirt! It's pretty much the same colour as the one I made! It has weird sleeve though, I'm not entirely sure how to work them out to be honest...hope I can though. Although I did tell myself I'd make my own purple shirt... I wasn't going to buy it, but I needed to spend an extra two bucks to use eftpos at Lifeline and I'd found some pinstriped pants that were $6 and this milk jug in the shape of chicken for $2.

However, I kind of made a mistake with the pinstripe pants...they're size 16! For some reason I thought they were size 8s and perhaps the reason they were in a second hand shop was because they were mislabled. But nope, so suffice to say they're a bit too big. Whoops. Ah well, I guess I could just give them away, it's only 2 bucks loss.

Right, better haul butt now, it's almost midnight and this Moose needs sleep!









Purple Shirt

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