Feb. 2nd, 2017

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11:48pm: Although it's not actually him, but dopplegangers are indeed an interesting phenomenon. I'll never forget my uncle telling me he thought he saw a picture of me in an add on the side of a bus! Clearly it wasn't me, so there must be someone out there who looks a bit like me. Spooky.

In other news, I had to make an unexpected dash to Mrs S's place this evening to help her out so I've actually run out of time to update this thing! But suffice to say it was a very exciting Canasta match with M today, we didn't actually compete the game because by our family rules to win you not only have to get to 5,000 points you have to go out on a winning hand, and neither of us went out on our last hand! However, we've both got to 5,000 points so whoever gets two Canastas and goes out next time will be the victor! Exciting stuff indeed. ;O)

Of course I'm not sure when I'll next be over as the cruise is coming up so most of next week will be getting ready for that, I sure hope I get a reply about whether I can bring my skates or not. Otherwise I'm not sure if I'll risk it or not, I don't want to have to pay for them to be stored at the terminal while I'm away!

Right, gotta dash, can't dilly-dally tomorrow because the pyschiatrist's office called me up this afternoon asking me if I could come in half an hour earlier at 11:30 rather than 12, so no time for sheninigans at Mrs S's place tomorrow.

And there's also the job situation to think about...but that'll have to wait for tomorrow, for now...goodnight!









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