Jan. 31st, 2017

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10:58pm: Which I gotta do again tomorrow because there was a mistake today and the nurse who was supposed to come, didn't! Bloody annoying it was too, so now I have to go in early tomorrow as well, which means I really need to get myself to bed. I didn't get enough sleep last night either and with this hot weather I've been quite scattered and a bit whiney (LOL), plus tomorrow I go to my grandparents' place which means Canasta so I have to be awake for that!

Anywho, I'm back here at the Granny Flat, fortunately the cool change has come through so the air conditioner is handling things well in here. Which is a relief! Although, the extremely hot weather is set to return on the weekend, so I'm not sure what will happen then.

Aside from that not much else to report, although I did finally go to the Mall and buy that Glide stuff that cyclists use and with the weather as hot as it was today it wasn't a moment too soon! I also got some shoes that Mrs S saw during the weekend but didn't buy.

Finally, I'm pleased to announce I managed to fit my Christmas decos on top of my second wardrobe here! This is very cool as I won't need to worry about having to get them from M and Grandpa's garage. I also bought more over the door hooks and now my bags are all nicely lined up on the back of the door to my bedroom/living room area.

The one downside of today...I was opening a drawer and pulled it too far out and it fell landing right onto of my right foot (what is it with my right foot?) and it's left a mark as well as a decidedly sore bruise. Well, at least I didn't break anything.

But no more dilly-dallying! It's off to bed!

Goodnight all!










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