Jan. 28th, 2017

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11:34pm: Ahem, I refer to the Bryan Brothers, those bastions of matching outfits in doubles tennis and for having won over a hundred titles and 16 Grand Slams, who alas did not win the Aussie Open tonight. This was most disappointing to me even though there was an Aussie in the team that did win - however their attempt at matching their outfits wasn't very good, although thinking back on it it was certainly a whole lot better then some of the others I've seen this tournament. We're talking one player wearing neon and the other in all white! WTF?

Moving along, it's bloody hot this evening, I've had to keep the air-con on since I got home from work, I did try to put it on fan a while ago, but I just ended up sweating. And it's supposed to get hotter over the next few days! I should see if I can go swimming at Mum and Dad's I think.

In other news I still felt kind of bad this morning re: the loneliness factor, in fact I even called Mum on the way to work to discuss it, since I figured she'd having something comforting to say. And she did, which was to stay on a month to month lease here in case some sheninigans happen at my brother's apartment (although we did tell him that if another flatmate fell through on him he should really find a place in his price range) and call my friends up more often (which is rather a no-brainer thinking on it).

Anyway, I do feel better! I think some of it might be because my house is terribly messy, it's not a pretty sight in here, but I picked up and folded some stuff and it's not looking so bad now, and I've finally arranged a time to go over to M and Grandpa's at which time I can return all my Christmas decos to their garage because I'm pretty sure I don't have room for them here.

Oh and I almost forgot! I went to bed before it ended, but this morning I woke up to find that after a nail biting five sets Rafa Nadal won his match and the Fedal is happening! No idea what's going to happen, Fed-Ex is truly the greatest, but Rafa is really good at winning against him! So who knows what'll go down.

Anywho, don't want to stay up too late tonight, so I shall wrap this up here.

Goodnight all!

PS Oh! And it should be mentioned that Serena William is the best in Women's Tennis having won her 23rd Title today, epic!









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