Jan. 24th, 2017

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11:15pm: And hopefully being cancelled!

Yes! This morning after doing a practice run to Mrs S's place from the apartment - and arriving with 10 minutes to spare (although it's still school holidays at the moment), I went to Mum and Dad's to discover Mum hadn't got the plastic tubs, because she'd been looking for crates - however, crates hurt like hell to carry once they're full - digging into the side of your fingers and all that. So I had to get the key to M and Grandpa's garage where I found the tubs in question and then it was off to the gym. As I was coming to the end of my work-out I got a call from the little bro saying that the Canadian girl had got back to him, letting him know she had found someone to take over her lease and that she was still interested in the apartment! Holy crap!

Of course, I'm sure you're all thinking "But Moose you gave in the Notice to Vacate yesterday! You're probably going to need to leave your granny flat anyway". That's what I worried about too, but I quickly called the agent who said they hadn't made a start on it yet! However, until I found out from Mum that everything was clear I couldn't outright cancel the notice so I told them I'd call back in the afternoon to let them know for sure.

By coincidence Dad called me up after that, to let me know about the crates in their storage shed, so I told him the news. He decided to stay out of it for now, LOL.

After the gym I headed back home, had some lunch, and a shower before heading off to my shift at the library. I spoke to Mum at home, but she said she needed to speak to the little bro in more depth before anything could be decided.

Just before going down to the library for my shift (I arrived in the area a bit early so did some shopping, there was bargains at Bed Bath and Table, I got some Christmas decos for the end of the year and a new swim/gym bag - it's rainbow!) I got a call from Mum, who said things looked promising with the Canadian, but it wasn't 100% so I would need to ask the agent if I could put the Notice on hold rather than outright cancelling it. She though it best to send an email, but I didn't actually have the agent who oversees my property's email address so I sent it to the original agent with a plan to call during my break to confirm she got it.

As it turned out the original agent wasn't in today so I ended up having to tell them over the phone after all! :OP But! If we're going to keep the same vacate date I'll have to give them a definitive answer tomorrow afternoon. Mum and I had hoped to be able to do it on Thursday, but then I remembered that's the Australia Day Public Holiday, so no dice.

But, I've SMSed the Little Bro since then and he seems pretty positive, so fingers and toes crossed all! Meanwhile, I'll take this opportunity to do some weeding of my posessions and what not. I do have quite a bit of crap that could probably go.

The only downside, I have to go back and get most of my hanging clothes back, as well as my spare TV and cube of fabric. Ah well, I gotta go to Mall at some point anyway so that's not so bad.

Anywho! I better wrap this up, since I do need to get to bed, however I will say this - Apple is a pain in the ass! A lady came into the library around 4pm trying to get advice on how to use some of the apps for e and audio books, but by 5pm she and the librarian on duty were having no luck getting onto the Apple App store because for some reason the lady's tablet was trying to sign up with her old email address. Eventually I came out to see if I could do anything, which thinking about it is kind of weird because I don't even use Apple!

Anyway, eventually I managed to figure it out and the lady was able to get one of the apps, hopefully she'll be able to get the other one's too, but who knows! But hey this will look good on my next review, fingers crossed. :OP

Right, off I go! Goodnight all!

PS: I almost forgot! The Fed-Ex triumphed tonight in his quarter final! Aaah he's such a boss! It's gonna be an all Swiss Semi-Final though, so fingers and toes crossed...









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