Jan. 19th, 2017

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10:46pm: Which has decided in the last couple of hours to start hurting, which is a serious bitch because I don't have my knee brace or anti-inflammatory cream with me. Dang I hope it settles down by tomorrow...frankly I was more worried about my plantar facaiitis flaring up again, but perhaps I ended up favouring my left leg too much.

Anyway! Despite my knee soreness I'm pleased to report I went ice skating today! Hooray! :OD Although, the rink is smaller than the one at Macquarie, although the ice was really smooth! Although a bit harder than that at Macquarie, undoubtly because it was a coolish day - at least compared to yesterday and the rink doesn't have huge windows. :O) Dad did take a nice shot of me on the ice before he and Mum headed off to the nearby Westfield to do some shopping. Mum did critique me a bit :OP she says I should take some lessons to get the mechanism of skating done properly, she may have a point.

Anywho, after an hour of skating I bought a sausage roll at the Canteen before meeting Mum and Dad outside the rink so we could head off to the Versailles exhibition. There was a brief delay when I had to head back to pick up water bottle which I'd left behind, but we made good time, although we needed to park a bit far from the museum.

The exhibition was really amazing, Mum had paid for the audio-tour which was great because there was a lot more insight into some of the things on display. Versailles was one opulent place. We also met up with Auntie Chris which was great - although by then my foot was starting to hurt and I'd gone through the exhibition so after we had coffee/hot chocolate I took a look at the Australian Gallery and then took a quick walk through of the Versailles exhibit again before finding a seat.

Right, I do have a bit more to report, but it's 11pm so I got hit the hay, plus it's hard to concentrate with a sore knee. Bit of a shame as Marcus Baghdatis otherwise know as The BAG is playing Rafal Nadal at the Australian Open right now.

Oh well, sleep is needed so goodnight all!










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