Jan. 18th, 2017

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11:03pm: It's also the place of my birth and somewhere I haven't been for...cripes like 10 years now.

Anyway! I'm updating from the hotel I'm staying at with my parents and watching Flying High!/Airplane! on the TV here while taking advantage of the hotel's wi-fi.

So we drove down after I finished work and went to the Australian War Memorial, which I don't think I've ever visited before. The Memorial also has a museum, but we got there at about 4pm so we didn't get a chance to see all of it. Still the World War I part that we saw was very interesting, I can't believe they have so many artifacts from back then.

We also attended a Last Post ceremony which they apparently do every afternoon at 5pm, it was interesting! They told a story about one of the many soldiers remembered at the Memorial and some flowers were laid, there was even a bag-piper!

After that we went to the hotel where Mum and I had a swim while Dad figured out the TV in here before they headed down to the restaurant for dinner. I came down to get some pizza, which sadly didn't taste too good - I think it was the cheese, it was pretty bland. But it did come with some very yummy chips.

Anywho, Mum and Dad have gone to sleep and since I'm in the same room I should as well - especially since I have no idea when they'll wake up and I want to get my necessary zzzs!

My new phone continues to be awesome, although I can't work out why when I plug in my headphones they don't work...I hope I don't have a bad earphone jack because it'd be super annoying to have to return it.

On a final note, it was hot as Hell today, although it's meant to be quite cool now although I don't feel it...hopefully not too cool tomorrow because I forgot to pack a cardigan...whoops.

Right, must be off! Goodnight all!










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