Jan. 16th, 2017

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11:46pm: Whoopee! He's just won his first round match here at the Aussie Open! Frankly I was rather worried for a bit there...the first set was a hard one, and then in the second set he lost to his opponent, but he barreled back in the third and fourth, hooray! :OD

Speaking of Fed-Ex, I'm still waiting with baited breath for my phone to arrive, the Order Tracker still says order received, which does make me a little concerned that it won't arrive before it's off to Canberra with the parental units.

What makes it a bit more awkward is that I might have to give notice before I go. The little bro has had no luck finding a flatmate - the Russian girl didn't show up (WTF is the deal with people doing that? It's bloody rude!). There's one last possibility a Canadian girl who seems super interested, but then people might just say that kind of thing...Burg (aka the little bro) is hoping she can come by tomorrow, but if she doesn't I'll have to prepare to move. Which having driven over there today I realise will rather suck in terms of travel unless I want to hang out at my parents house a lot - which apparently they say I can do, but I dunno.

So yeah that's all up in the air...

Anyway, even though I'm not working tomorrow I need to wrap this up and hit the hay because I need to wash my car, I was going to do it this evening when I got back from Burg's apartment, but I had a headache and it was still hot so I didn't. Although apparently it's meant to be even hotter tomorrow... But I have to do other stuff too so yeah.

At least I got my Russian done today, go me.

But I have some unfortunate news...Plushenko the Fish didn't make it. :O( RIP, you were a good little fishy.

Goodnight all!










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