Jan. 12th, 2017

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10:50pm: In these episodes of Air Crash Investigation that I'm watching! They must have gone to a later timeslot or something in Season 2 because the episodes in Season 1 bleeped out the swears, but now they're dropping 'f' bombs left and right, which when you think about it makes sense, because God knows if I was in such a situation I'd be swearing my head off. (Although, it should be noted that when they release transcripts of cockpit voice recorders they usually bleep out the swears anyway, so I'm not sure how Air Crash Investigation knows they were actually dropping the 'f-bomb'.)

Moving on...for some reason, it seems to be hotter in my room here then it was yesterday despite the fact it's supposed to be cooler tonight...Although cooler is sort of relative, it's was like 27 degrees today instead of 30 degrees...or maybe that's because I didn't put the boost function on, I was hoping I wouldn't have to, but it seems to be the only way to cool this place down, otherwise I'm sweating.

In other news, I'm a bit disappointed in myself, I somehow managed to sleep through my alarm this morning and didn't wake up until 9:30! This was good in terms of catching up on my zzzs, but totally ruined my plans to go ice skating today. Not only did I want to do that since I'm planning on hanging out with friends on Saturday afternoon I also wrote it down as a 'do-to' in my Cognitive Behaviour book, I hope this wasn't some sort of subconscious over sleeping to avoid going, I was feeling a bit nervous about doing so yesterday.

What else to report - well Plushenko the fish is hanging on, although he's spending a lot of time on the bottom of his tank so I'm a bit worried about that. It occurred to me that maybe the sponge for the filter in his tank needs to be changed. I forgot to find out how often it's supposed to be changed, better check that out. Although as I typed this Plushenko swam to the top of the tank to get some air so fingers crossed I think he's getting better. His fins certainly look fuller, although I'm not sure if his tail will ever come back.

So I've left writing this entry a bit late, but I must give a shout-out to Dad who bought me an absolutely awesome t-shirt while he was in Parramatta today (he has to take his car to the dealership he bought it at while it's under warranty)...he also bought a matching one for himself, we plan to wear them tomorrow to dinner which will no doubt make my mother go "Oh nooo"

Right, I have to finish off my Russian before I hit the sheets so I'll wrap this up now.

It's supposed to be really hot again tomorrow...pray for my air-con!

Oh and lastly, many thanks to [personal profile] crossover_chick for my birthday fic!

Goodnight all!










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