Jan. 11th, 2017

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11:21pm: Yep, I decided to just do it and purchase that boxset of Air Crash Investigation, because...just look how awesome it is! It looks like a real Black Box! :OD

It has 36 DVDs in it, in 14 cases (covering the 14 seasons of the show), of course as I might have mentioned yesterday the show is actually still going, so I'm not sure what I'll do when those seasons come out. I suppose if I wait long enough perhaps they'll need to make another box set (although it's a bit unfortunate to think there'd be that many plane crashes to do episodes about!)

So I've been watching the first season at the moment, which I realised with some shock is over 13 years old now! Holy shit, time has gone way too fast. o.O

Moving on to less pleasant news when I woke up this morning and looked in the fish tank it looked as if Plushenko the fish had DIED! As you can imagine I was upset about this, even more so when I realised to my horror his tail fin which had been so luxurious had disappeared! Seriously! It's just...gone except for a little stump left! His fins have been decidedly ragged these past few days, but I didn't realise they were so bad!

Then as I got the fish net to get him out and give him a proper burial, Plushenko the fish suddenly started swimming around! He was alive! But surely he needed his tail to live?! Obviously I wanted to find out what to do for him but I had work, so that needed to come first.

I did have enough time to look up tail loss on my mobile, it seems it was fin rot, but then I wasn't sure? The little stump was rather smooth, which sounded more like it'd be sheared off, but how? I haven't put anything new in the tank, so...?

Anyway, I tried to put it out of my mind while working for Mrs S, but I did let her know about it although seeing as she's not an expert on fish she could advise me either. But I got my work done - despite the fact that every time I had to go out into the garage it was a nightmare because the air conditioner outlet is there and it heats up the space so badly. We actually put a thermometre in there at it got up to 40 degrees!

I also made lasagna for Mrs S and her husband, and I'm pleased to report unlike last time I didn't burn it, hooray! Mrs S sent me an SMS to let me know it was delicious, yay!

Once I finished working I headed for Warriewood Square and the pet shop there to see what could be done for Plushenko the fish. I'd also read that stress could cause problems in betta fish so I was going to get some stuff called Stress Coat, but I though I'd double check with one of the sales people (they seem to know their stuff) and the recommended something called Bettafix which should help with fin issues and of course I needed to change half the water in the tank which would hopefully clear up any nasty stuff in there, which I hurried home to do - although I was worried that Plushy the fish might have died in that time.

He was at the bottom of his tank, but when I turned off the filter he started swimming about again, so he was hanging on. The only problem was I still can't get that siphon thing to work so I had to use a jug to get water out, which stirred up some stuff at the bottom of the tank which worried me a little. It cleared up once I refilled it with freshly treated water after a while, so hopefully it's all OK.

Now, I was going to go to Harvey Norman to get the digital photo frame for Mrs S, but when we checked online they were all ready out of stock! So, I thought maybe I wouldn't go to the Mall...however, it was a hot day and I felt it'd be best if I headed out, especially since I could go to Pet Stock to have the water from the tank tested, although after I thought about it, I should have taken the water out of the tank before I changed half the water. But I did think it was possible I might not have put enough water treatment in there which is something I need to know!

The chap at Pet Stock tested the water and said it was OK, so that's a relief, although in the end I did buy some of that Stress Coat stuff to put in the tank - it's like the water treatment thing but with an extra ingredient that's supposed to help calm fish. Considering how jittering Plushy the fish has been today I felt he could use it!

Then it was finally off to the mall where I returned the set-top box to Target and ended up buying the Air Crash Investigation box-set before heading back home via Mum and Dad's to take advantage of their air conditioning there and show off my purchase to Dad.

I suppose I could have stayed over at Mum and Dad's, and I did kind of regret it when I got back here to the Granny Flat and found that despite closing my door and turning on the air-con it was still stifling in here! However, going over the air-con manual I discovered there's a 'boost' setting on there and since pressing that button the room has cooled. Phew! Although I'm not sure how good of an idea it is to keep it on for too long...although having checked the manual again it doesn't say that you can only use it for such a length of time. I sure hope this isn't killing the electricity bill...

I also got another delivery today! Not my phone, but issue 13 of the Back to the Future comic (which I forgot to get when it first came out from Kings Comics so needed to get through E-Bay), so that proved to be great read! Can't wait to see how this storyline pans out. :O)

And now, I must be off for it's almost midnight and I need to go to bed! Goodnight all!










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