Jan. 9th, 2017

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11:25pm: Apparently today is Stephen Hawking's 75th Birthday! That's pretty amazing, especially when you consider that on receiving his diagnosis all those years ago he was given like 6 months to live or something like that. That's kicking the odds in the face! You go, Professor Hawking!

In other great news, I took my External Harddrive to the computer shop in Collaroy and he was able to take the case apart and put it in a different case with a little attachment thing that works. Hooray! It cost me $50 but this is considerably cheaper than having to do specialist type data retrieval. Plus I don't need to buy a whole new drive to back stuff up to. Yaaay!

And more good news there was a Fast 4 Tennis tournament tonight, it was Australia vs the World and we won! :OP Although we were represented by Nick Kygrios and Bernard Tomic otherwise known as the two biggest jerks in tennis! Although their behaviour was OK this tournament so perhaps they've finally taken up the advice to see sports psychologist. Although I didn't actually watch Kygrios but that's what my friend said over Facebook messenger.

And lastly...a new ep of Air Crash Investigation is on right now, sweeet! Although, I shouldn't stay up too late to watch it all, there's work tomorrow after all.

But before I turn in let's have a Meme

Sunday Stealing


: The "Doing Questions Like It's 2003" Meme"

1. Tell us about your pets. If you don’t have one, share why you don’t. I have a Siamese Fighting Fish called Plushenko. He's a beautiful teal and black and he lives in a nice 16L tank on my cabinet. I was a bit worried about him when I got home after work today, he seemed a bit listless, but he seems better now. Phew! (My previous four fish died in quick succession, it was rather sad)

2. Name three things that are close to you. Like literally? My mobile phone, a block of Cadbury chocolate and a book about overcoming anxiety issues.

3. How was the weather for your summer? We're still in summer and so far it's been quite warm indeed.

4. What was the last film you saw? Did you like it? It was the new Ghostbusters film at my friend's house and I liked it a lot!

5. Tell us about the last trip that you took. Uh...it was ages ago back at the end of 2014 when I to Bathurst to get my Masters in Information Studies. My parents came along too, although they went a day earlier and I met them in Lithgow after coming in on the train.

6. Where do you buy groceries? Why? Usually from Warriewood Square, especially since an Aldi opened over there. As for why, it's the closest shops to me!

7. Tell us something that you did today. Or will do if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet. I don't drink coffee :OP And today I went to the gym, good times.

8. Have you pulled an all-nighter? Not intentionally, once I couldn't get to sleep at all because I read the prologue of the Jaws novelisation and it scared the Hell outta me!

9. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi & Coke? Don't drink either.

10. Tell us about your siblings. How many and what do they do? I have two brothers, one older and one younger. The eldest lives in Japan with his wife and baby daughter and he works in the legal department of a bank I think? My younger brother lives a few suburbs away, but we don't see him much and he works at a warehouse.

11. What’s the oldest thing that you own? Well, I do have a vest from my mother which she sewed herself back in the 70s, so I'm gonna say that.

And I gotta run now, it's actually past midnight, but I was trying to do my Russian so um, let's just pretend it isn't. :OP (Still Happy Birthday to me! :OD)

Goodnight all!









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