Jan. 8th, 2017

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11:36pm: Ha ha, as you can see I obviously didn't have a title to go for this entry, but h ey it is what it is.

Anywho, today was a regular working at the library on a Sunday day, except for when I got a hair on my tongue which almost made me gag. Ugh, it was awful! I have no idea where it came from, though I'm pretty sure it was at least mine. Still gross.

Also, I got a phone call from M inviting me to come over on Tuesday - my birthday - for canasta and yummy food! Hooray! Although, one of my friends did get back to me about doing something on Tuesday, so whoops. Although I guess technically I could do something after finishing with M an Grandpa, but I have work the next day so...

Speaking of work, once again I've left updating the ol' journal too late for meme related sheninigans. Ugh, dang it! Didn't help I got distracted by House Hunters International, I'm still wondering why this couple with a kid wants a one bedroom. Surely you'd want two in that case? Although I guess they don't have the money or maybe just have the kid sleep in the loungeroom. Still weird to me, though. :OP

I also went to Church after work today, which was a good thing because they needed me to do the Powerpoint, although Dad managed to forget that it was Sunday and thus didn't show up! Poor Dad. :OP However, I'm over here at the parental abode because that's how I roll on Sunday nights. Also Mum told me to come and fix up the doona in the spare room. To my confusion the doona appears to be fine? Maybe Dad fixed it, seems like something he'd do.

Righto, I better head off now, I didn't get enough sleep last night because I did not go to bed early after all (shame on me!) and I have to take my External harddrive to the computer repair shop and get to the gym tomorrow and maybe come back here to help Dad move furniture because the carpet's getting steam cleaned on Tuesday.

And now, goodnight all!










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