Jan. 6th, 2017

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11:16pm: So I remembered to call up Officeworks when I got home from work and discovered that yes, my order was received and paid for it's just that stock isn't coming in until Monday a week from now. Which means I won't get my new phone in time for my birthday. Aww. Hopefully though I'll get it before I go away with Mum and Dad to Canberra, although I won't be able to use my data probably, it doesn't extend to rural areas, or at least not the last time I was out of the city.

Tonight I also took down most of my Christmas decorations, although I'm keeping my Santa Ball up for another night because I do love him, he's so cute. It's a shame to have to put him away, but I guess them's the brakes.

So I got through my rather busy day all right, although I was rather embarrassed when having gone to Aldi and purchased a few things after I finished at Mrs S's I had to go right back in because I'd forgot to get more margarine! Which was pretty much the reason I'd gone there in the first place! Then I was almost late to work because I got distracted untangling my Christmas-tree shaped lights - which I manged to tangle after holding them for like three seconds! I'm pleased to report I managed to untangle them.

I am sleepy though! And arrrrgh, still behind on Memes! OMG, will I ever catch up? I guess that will remain a mystery....

Also, I've received some SMS replies from my friends about getting together for my birthday, but alas both of them are busy not only on the actual day (which is a Tuesday so I'm not too surprised about that) but that weekend too! Aw man, what if no-one can do anything? I'll have to celebrate just with my family. I guess when Ben gets back things can be done. Of course, there's a few other friends who haven't replied yet, so perhaps something will go down.

Although that reminds me, I need to RSVP Grandpa for the Australia Day get-together...

Okedoke! I better wrap this up and hit the sheets, once again I'm gonna miss Fed-Ex doing Mixed Doubles, dang time zones.

Oh well, I've got the ice skating on SBS to look forward to tomorrow as well as library work, so yaaay!

For now, goodnight!










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