Jan. 5th, 2017

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10:49pm: Yes! I got it back! Just to discover that Letters & Numbers apparently isn't on anymore. I'm not sure if it's just temporary or what, I should make sure to watch the eps I missed online before they all disappear again.

I'm sure you're all wondering how this came to happen. Well, after finishing up work I decided to go to the Mall, the idea was to ask someone at JB Hi-Fi if they had any solutions to my strange problem. As it turned out, the chap I spoke to was as confused as me, he'd never heard of such a thing! The only thing he could think of was the player was old, which I guess made sense. The only suggestion he could give was to get a set-top box or a new Blu-Ray/Tuner combo player. The latter though, costs over $300 and I didn't really want to pay that. The former seemed to be a bit of overkill, I mean getting a whole set-top box just so I could tune into SBS? And then I'd have to go through all sorts of rigmarole to record anything...

However, when I say one for about forty dollars in Target I figured, "What the Hell" and purchased it, along with some of those small battery operated fairy lights (I want to add some light to my room).

So I get home with the set-top box, set it up and it works great! Obviously, there's nothing wrong with the antenna or the cable. I then headed off to the gym, because I haven't been there in over a week and while I was working out it occurred to me...when I plugged in the set-top box, I unplugged power adaptor for the Christmas Tree, which is quite large and I wondered if perhaps that had had some weird effect on the Blu-Ray player.

Sooo, when I got home, I unplugged the set-top box, plugged the antenna cable back in the Blu-Ray player, rescanned and...all the SBS channels came back!

Which is great! Except now I have to go back to the Mall to return the set-top box, which is a pain.

Also, how the Hell did I not think of doing this before?! And I sure wish I knew why the Christmas Tree's plug caused such a big problem, it's not like there's not a whole bunch of other stuff plugged into that power board. Very annoying.

Anyway! It's been a busy day I must say, I was a little worried about my right foot which was hurting a bit after I finished working, shopping and going to the gym, but it's feeling fine now so I think it'll be OK.

But now I have to hit the hay, my app says I'm not going to bed early enough so I better address that. I know I'm sleepy right now!

So I shall bid you all goodnight!










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