Jan. 4th, 2017

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11:19pm: In this case my first world problem is having to get up to stop and then start the recordings I've made on my DVD/HDD Recorder. I managed to forget how to pause it to take out adds so for the longest time I just kept them in there, but obviously I don't want them in when I'm recording them using my laptop's TV recorder. Hence the getting up all the time, it's super annoying.

Oh well, at least my foot feels better, because otherwise it would really suck having to do that.

Right now I'm recording a documentary on 9/11, which is a topic I tend to avoid because it's a distressing thing and it's so sad to think of all the poor people involved.

Moving on, it was a busy day today, what with Mrs S in the morning and the library in the afternoon, I do wonder if I've become to used to not working 7.5 hours a day because I was pretty bushed by the end of it all!

And I've got work tomorrow morning as well! :OP Which means I've once again managed to leave updating this journal entry way too late and thus have no time for Memes! Booo!

I do have some good news, while I was at Mrs S's this morning I discovered to my dismay my ice skate charm was no longer on my necklace chain! I'd taken my chain off to go swimming, but I had definitely had it when I put it back on afterwards. So I could imagine where it could have gone.

Then I remembered that last night I'd been in the bathroom when I heard the sound of something hitting the tiles, at first I thought it was my Up fitness tracker, but it must have been my charm! Sure enough when I got home and looked I discovered it on the floor. Phew!

Oddly enough I didn't see how it had fallen off...because the little loop part was closed...maybe it had been open and I stepped on it this morning. I'll have to keep a close eye on it.

Okedoke, now I gotta wrap this up and hit the hay!

Goodnight all!









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