Jan. 3rd, 2017

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11:03pm: Indeed so, it was the first day of normal operations back at the library so the books were coming in fast and furious, to say nothing of the ones that were in the overnight chute - apparently so many ended up in there a whole lot of them got crushed. Last I saw of them they were stacked underneath the returns desk in the hope they'd flatten themselves out again. I guess I'll find out how it worked out tomorrow afternoon.

I'm also relieved to report that my feet held up pretty well! Although the weather was a bit cooler today so I wore my pinstripe pants which meant that I could wear socks with my shoes and thus didn't have to worry about foot sweat. However, it's supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow soooo...

After finishing work I headed off to the Mall to get Mrs S's new towels and man was there a lot of them! They're the big fluffy kind so fortunately they weren't too heavy, but they were unweildy to carry and I had to wait for a while at the counter while the sales lady went looking for where they'd been set aside. It took so long actually that I began to worry they might not be there at all!

I also went looking at JB Hi-Fi about maybe getting a new Blu-Ray player, or maybe one of those aerial boxes that pick up TV through the net. But I decided not to purchase anything, since I still don't know if there's some other way to solve things with the TV and all.

I did end up buying the sunglasses that go over glasses from the Cancer Council so that was great! There weren't any green ones, but I got this cool purple leopard print ones. Niice. However, I discovered that the glasses case my Grandpa bought me is too small for them. Do'h!

Also, I forgot to bring the fifty bucks, better put that in my wallet or I might lose it in my room! :O/

Righto time to try and catch up on some Memes... )

Oh crap, look at the time, almost midnight and I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow! That's some fail on my part.

Oh and I almost forgot I did get to go swimming today! Even though it wasn't with Mum, she forgot about me! So rude. :OP

So yeah I better hit the hay now! Goodnight all!










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