Jan. 1st, 2017

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11:30pm: Yes indeed! And my big bro, sister-in-law and little niece have headed off back to Japan. Ah, it's been good having them here, although it's not like I saw them all the time, but it was fun while I could. In fact, just yesterday I had the experience of holding a baby, which I haven't done before, because as I've mentioned before perhaps, I don't really want to hold a baby because they seem way too squishy and the thought kind of freaks me out. However, yesterday my big bro was trying to show me how to do something on his i-Pad and I didn't do it right so he was like "Hold the kid, I'll fix it."

So, I got to hold a 10 month old, who fortunately wasn't too squishy, although she was heavier than I expected :OP. Suffice to say though, I don't have much of a maternal instinct, so I didn't end up all "coo-ey" and what not. I'm just happy to report my niece didn't poke me in the eye, LOL!

So, today was another day off from work at the library for me, yay! However, I realised this evening while checking my shifts that I've put my hand up for not just Tuesday and Thursday this week, but Wednesday and Friday too! Which normally wouldn't be an issue, but though my foot is feeling a lot better (even after all the walking yesterday) I'm a little concerned that this might lead to a flare-up. There's not much I can do about that, though...except not wear those enclosed sandals I bought since I'm not entirely sure they've got proper arch support. Here's hoping the anti-prespirant I got for my feet will hold up with the other shoes.

Anywho, the point about having the day off is that I went and saw my friend who wasn't able to come to the New Year's Eve fireworks today, we watched some John Oliver and Galaxy Quest as well as having lunch with her parents. It was fun! :O)

I also made the cupcakes for Mrs S's husband's birthday tomorrow, although I need to finish the frosting before I go to bed, good thing I can get up a bit later in the morning because of the public holiday (which means I only do two hours instead of four) since I won't finish by midnight!

I did make an unfortunate discovery when I came home from the parentals before heading off to my friend's place, I'd left the fridge ajar! Which meant my butter was soft for the cake, but there was no way the milk I just bought on Friday was salavagable. What's really annoying is that I came back to the Granny Flat to collect a number of things before leaving on Saturday and at no point did I notice the fridge door wasn't closed properly. Man, I hope the landlord's power bill won't be horrifying.

Right! I better be off, though I was hoping to get back into the swing of things re: memes, but once again time calls me away.

Goodnight all!










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