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10:46pm: Not sure if I mentioned this but I borrowed a DVD series from the library the other week called The 72 Cutest Animals and of course it's full of cuteness! They've just shown the Elephant Seal, the adults aren't that cute, but the little calfs sure are! Man, I love seals and how they have to wriggle along, LMAO, boing, boing, boing! And so on :OP Looove it.

Anyway moving along, it's been a busy day! First there was work at Mona Vale Library this morning, it started off rather quiet, but ended up being quite busy and then afterwards volunteering at Dee Why Library. I arrived rather later than usual for the latter because I forgot my phone this morning so had to go via the Granny Flat to get it and I also had to pick up my newly altered pinstripe pants! :O) They're looking good although I have tried them on yet.

Speaking of pants though, I did buy a black pair with wider legs at Warriewood yesterday, I got them from Suzanne Grae which is kind of an old lady clothes shop, but it has the benefit of short length pants, which means they actually fit me without needing to be taken up! Praise the Lord! They look very nice, except they do seem to be slightly tight? But I think they'll expand a bit, I hope so! But it's not like I could have got the next size up because then they'd be too big. Seriously, what's up with pants and me? Pisses me off.

Eeee! Break in proceedings to say the panda has just shown up on the DVD and eeee they're so CUTE!!! They look like soccerballs! It cracks me up.

What else to report? Well, my throat seems to be a bit dry today...weird, I hope I'm not getting a cold (knock on wood), maybe I should gargle or something?

Oh! And I almost forgot, dinner with the co-worker last night went really well! On Mrs S's advice I made cupcakes, but I think I mucked up the recipe a little because they didn't come out as nice as they usually do. In fact the first batch was kind of a write-off to be honest. Oh well, at least I got the frosting right this time around!

My co-worker baked chicken and added some Hoysien sauce (I think), which was Chinese inspired, but there was also mashed potato and sliced potato with a Peruvian sauce on it. Which I've tried before at Mrs S's place, it's quite nice! And the second batch of cupcakes turned out OK, so there was that as well. Her boyfriend who lives in the sharehouse too joined us, so that was interesting!

So yeah good time being social, go me.

Anyway, I better wrap this up and head off, I've got to go to bed and do my Russian!

But! I can inform you the panda got to be number 1 in the list, as it should be, LOL.

Sand now, goodnight!










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