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Jun. 22nd, 2017 11:33 pm
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11:15pm: I seem to have lost my activity tracker...again! I know I had it this morning, but when I looked up it's location in the app it says it's in the city! More than that it says it was there four days ago, I haven't been to the city in months.

It was definitely with me this morning, ah damn where could it be? In the car? At the library? At the Save the Children charity shop I went to after I finished volunteering? Or is it in the house somewhere? I hope it's the latter but I've got a terrible feeling I might have lost it somewhere else... Ugh! Why do I fail at keeping my possessions with me? This is a serious problem.

Moving along, not much to report, although volunteering went well! I had to do some admin tasks for the Home Library Service and as I finished up the Home Library Service Co-ordinator had good news for me, one of the patrons really liked the items I selected for them. I'm always concerned about this so it's great news! I don't actually know who it is, but I shall find out next week. Cool.

In other news, I'm not sure what's going down with the fan fic, something showed up that seems to cement the timeline of Yuri on Ice and it puts it two whole years later than I thought! This kinda messed shit up, but I think I've fixed it. Then there's a whole thing about maybe I've got too much shit going on at once in one particular chapter, so I'm thinking of changing it, but I dunno...

Anyway, I better wrap this up I still need to do my Russian!

On the plus side I did get a pair of pinstripe pants at the Save the Children charity shop, which actually seem to fit. I hope!

And now I bid you all, goodnight!










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