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In fact I couldn't brain so much that I started this entry yesterday at 11:39pm and then gave up, LOL.

It wasn't much of an entry though...but here's what I wrote:

"Because that time o' the month is bearing down on me and concentration is the first casualty, which truly sucks. :OP Because I've procrastinated like crazy and now there's barely 10 minutes to midnight and I said I was going to update you all further on the play.

Although, it was mostly visual's kind of hard to explain, LOL. Suffice to say Mr Burns is actually quite striking when he's wearing sequins. :OP

I am interested in finding out if the misquotes and whatnot in the play were done on purpose or if the playwright actually didn't know the episode. I was almost tempted to yell out the correct quotes, but it wasn't an audience participation play. :OP"

And let it be said it definitely was that Time o' the month at came today and knocked me on my ass, I didn't even get outside all day, which to be honest was probably a bad thing...Oh the plus side the period pain medication seems to have worked, which is good because I some bad cramps a couple of hours ago.

Moving along, I've been doing lots of chatting on the Yuri on Ice discord (it's like a message board) which is cool! Although it does mean I've been slacking on my fan fic, which is bad. I gotta get with the program, otherwise I'll never finish and that would be awful. I'm a bit annoyed though because I seem to have lost the second page of the plot outline I actually went to the trouble of writing this time! I feel like it'd be helpful to have. That'll teach me not to put it on the computer, I wrote it out by hand.

Speaking of writing stuff out by hand, I'm still unsure what to do about the days when I forgot to write a positive note of the day and can now no longer remember said days. Damn.

So not much else to report which is to be expected when you sit on your butt pretty much all day and I better head off so I can go to bed as soon as Cold Case finishes because there's work tomorrow!

For now, goodnight!










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